About Sarah

I'm Sarah Schrader and I'm passionate about helping young professionals prepare for and attain their professional career goals.  My background includes over 15 years working with high school and college-age women in community ambassador programs and helping them with interviews, public speaking skills and general professional development.  Over the years, I have noticed a large gap in accessible resources that provide help after the interview process for young professionals, especially young women.  Too few professionals ask for more than the initial salary offer provided and fewer still realize there are many other options to negotiate in addition to salary.  We can do better!  


"That Purple Book" was created to be an excellent resource for young professionals and anyone else who needs help with beginning or restarting their career journey.  My goal is to empower you to be successful both personally and professionally.  

For more information, blogs, and career advice, please visit www.ThatPurpleBook.com.  You can also connect with us across social media @ThatPurpleBook.

"Be YOU because no one can do it for you." - Sarah Marie Schrader